About Cootie-Stopper (TM)
Simply attend a two-year-old's birthday party and you'll see where the idea was born for the
(TM) brand of patented identification methods and systems.

Having participated in many of these types of events as a parent I was always amazed at
how each child's nose could produce its own unique shade of green!  Yuck!

With the world getting smaller, the parties bigger and Viruses Stronger I figured it was time
to address this problem and provide children, and adults alike, a method by which they may
readily and reliably identify whose beverage is whose.

Although initially sought as a solution to children sharing boxed or pouched juices, the
(TM)  concept quickly expanded to include bottle caps and cup lids.
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The goal of The Good Life Corporation is to design, develop, invent and promote products
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Attention Bottlers and
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