Stop Germs by adding The Cootie-Stopper(TM) instant identification
concept to your products!
What a Cootie-Stopper does:
Helps consumers keep tract of THEIR beverage(s).
How a Cootie-Stopper works:
Alphanumeric characters are added to the standard beverage
package and the consumer selects his or her initial.
Where Cootie-Stoppers are needed:
School Functions,
Children's Day Care,
Sporting Events,
Any social gathering.
Cootie-Stopper designs available for:
Twist-On caps (part-of-cap or after-market),
Beverage Pouches and Boxes and
Cup Lids.
Patent Overview

Help stop the spread of germs by letting the consumer readily and reliably identify whose beverage is whose with the
(TM) concept of products .  

In addition to the Beverage Industry, the Cootie Stopper
(TM) concept can be applied to the prescription bottle industry to
help ensure consumers are taking
their prescribed medication.
Company Background

Cootie-Stopper(TM) products were conceived and patented by Arthur J Shrader, President of The Good Life Corporation located in Dallas, Texas.

The goal of The Good Life Corporation is to design, develop, invent and promote products and ideas which improve our overall quality of life.
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Attention Bottlers and
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Patents Available for License!
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